Classroom to Jobsite

Classroom to Jobsite Introduction - Year II

We are inviting you, the cement mason foreman, to come to your training center and talk with your apprentices.


Your 15 – 20 minute presentation will be interjected into our regular training for the day. After you leave we will discuss with the apprentices about the information you provided to them and reinforce your recommendations for a successful employee.


You could present your company’s scope of work, what skills they will need to work with you and any all around work habits that will be likely to keep them employed as a cement mason.


We will give you assistance with questions or suggestions about how to address a classroom group.


Please contact Jeremy Kendall, Instructor at  (503) 708-5654 for available training days.


Please go to our reports & documents page for math worksheets and a math definition/formula “cheat” sheet, this is basic construction math that is important to the development of our apprentices. They complain that they do not use this math on the jobsite so it is hard for them to remember it in class. We are asking you to get your apprentices to regularly use these worksheets on your projects.


Your active interest and participation in their training makes a huge difference in their progress and completion of their training.